• Delta Omega has the highest overall

    Greek GPA on campus for Fall 2013! Go GPHIB!

  • Welcome Home to 8 Beautiful Gamma Phi's!

    This winter we recruited a phiabulous new member class including (left to right): Breanne, Sarah, Brooke, Lydia, Stefanie, Kacie, Jessica and Eileen!

  •  Crescent Classic 2014


    This year's Crescent Classic is well underway and the Delta Omega sisters are very excited! We will be supporting 3 charities this year: Wigs 4 KidsThe American Cancer Society, and Camp Ohiyesa. All of these charities hit home for most of our sisters, and we are very blessed to have the opportunity to help. The date is projected to be at the end of March, with more details to come! If interested in donating anything, please contact our Philanthropy Chairs, Natalie Hughes (nrhughe2@oakland.edu), or Nicki Hiltner (nicolehiltner@gmail.com), or any active sister.


    Founded Upon a Rock. Est 1874.

    Hello and welcome to the Delta Omega Chapter website of Gamma Phi Beta. Here you can learn all about our sisterhood, what we stand for, who we are, and much more.

    Click the links on the left to learn more! 

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  •  Gamma Phi Beta sisters do everything together, from volunteering, to bowling, to concerts, to Disney World, to beaches, to Tigers games. Whether its for a quick movie and lounge on the couch, or spending nights at camp helping out children, our sisters can always be seen supporting each other side by side.